At, we do not only restore and customize Jordan’s, but any type of sneaker or shoe you have!

While we are located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, we do travel between New York City and Boston. We also accept mailed in orders.

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Owner / Operator: Raymond “Jumbo” Vega

Jumbo is a name that is frequently thought of when it comes to world class customizations and restorations. An amazing individual with a keen eye for detail and beautiful artwork, Jumbo is the person you need to bring your holy grails back to life.

Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Jumbo has a huge clientele with individuals such as Patriots Superstar, Patrick Pass and Kyle Arrington, to name a few.

Customizing and restoring sneakers are not only what Jumbo loves to do, but he lives for them. He loves the thought of bringing back kicks from the dead. He can transform all of your old beaters that you love into the kicks you purchased right out of the box. He not only is amazing and skilled at restoring sneakers, but also customizing them into anything your heart desires.